Friday, 20 June 2014

World's Sexiest Criminal? Women plan on bailing Convicted Felon after seeing his mugshot

Wow! A thug has become an internet sensation after the Stockton Police Department, California posted his mugshot on their facebook page..Instead of hailing the Police for nabbing a criminal,Jeremy Meeks, a 30 year old convicted felon's picture got over  66 thousand likes and 19,000 comments because of how handsome he looks..

They say he is the most beautiful criminal ever seen and the mugshot looks more like an ad campaign.Jeremy who is already a previously convicted felon was arrested for illegally possession of loaded firearms and criminal street gang activity..He is being held on $900,000 bail but many commenters are talking of raising the funds to set him free.Continue...The dudes are not finding it funny with one writing
" Deeeez goes ain't loyal. Go bail him out then or u all or just stupid Thots. Bet u all are a side chick Hahahah. If that Nobody's stopping any of u hoes from bailing him out. All talk no action. Just thirst little hoes ha smh hahaha you girls are soooo sad it's pathetic"
Too bad, he is a married man with a son.News 10 contacted him from jail and Meek who had served a 9 year jail term previously said
"I just visited my wife and she said I blew up all over Facebook'I appreciate [the attention] but I just want them to know that this is really not me'I'm not some kingpin.'"
His sister told TMZ "the only reason he carries guns is because he used to be in a gang and needs to protect himself.  He's been a practicing Christian for 7 years. He's been married for 4 years..

Our own Toolz wasn't left out as she gushed about his looks..

His mum also claims he is no longer a criminal but was arrested because of tattoos and he fit the stereotype..But many say the teardrop tattoo signifies having killed someone and when asked, he refused to comment on it,only saying he has done things in the past he would rather forget..
His son above and the woman believed to be his wife 
With his equally sexy brother
He is already been photoshopped into Ads...

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