Thursday, 19 June 2014

LMAO! World cup Fan & Father of 4 caught exchanging numbers with Brazilian girl on Live TV(Photo)

Talk about being busted.A passionate England  fan  was caught on TV  flirting and exchanging phone numbers with a Brazilian woman at the World Cup.
Carl Wenz a father of four was at England's opening match with Italy on Saturday when TV cameras filmed him holding a mobile phone as he spoke to a female Brazilian fan.

Mr Wenz became the butt of internet jokes with the picture shared more than 2,000 times with caption"An England fan asks for this Brazilian fan's phone number mid-match"
Many asked how his wife would feel to see that..However,Mr Wenz who lives with long term partner and mother of his four kids, Nicola Moore defended himself to telling his local newspaper ,Harlow Star that she just wanted to take a selfie with him..
 'The girl in the photo asked if she could have a picture taken with me, of which I said yes, her brother took the photo and I am seen looking at it on her phone.
His friend and neighbor said
 He's in a long-term relationship and would consider the interest generated by the picture hilarious.He's a massive football fan and follows England all across the world. think he's even shut up the shop front while he is away. I know Carl as a proper family man so I don't think there's anything dodgy about the picture.He wouldn't save up to travel halfway across the world just to get a Brazilian girl's number. I bet he was showing her pictures of his kids.'

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