Monday, 26 May 2014

Photos: Inside Kim and Kanye West’s ‘Honeymoon’

Spoof photographer Alison Jackson recreates what the super-couple are most likely getting up to on their romantic getaway. Hanging their own washing out, carrying canoes and sitting on camp chairs… If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rented an RV and went on a road trip for their honeymoon, this is what it would look like. The spoof photographer snapped these Kimye lookalikes doing all kinds of normal human-type things on a set-up honeymoon shoot. They look so real! More after the pics after the cut …

Which Celeb Is The Father Of These Cute Kids?

Can you guess the father of these adorable, bright looking children?....the resemblance is there

Wiz Khalifa Tweets Jail Selfie after he's Arrested with Marijuana!


Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose's hubby was arrested early Sunday morning at an airport in Texas after a "green leafy substance" was found on him. TMZ reports that the "Black and Yellow" rapper was flying from El Paso to Dallas when TSA officials discovered the green stuff.

Wiz was taken into custody and  turned over to local police. Cops concluded the leafy substance was marijuana and since it's against the law, Wiz was arrested. And instead of being remorseful, Wiz took to Twitter to share this photo he captioned 'Jail Selfie", asking his fans to pressurize the police into releasing him.

IG of Police, Mohammed Abubakar is Expecting a Baby with New Wife, Zarah

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Dikko Abubakar will soon be welcoming his first child with 2nd wife, Zarah Bunu. 

Abubakar wedded Zarah, Nigeria’s Ambassador to France in 1999, Bunu Sherrif Musa's daughter last year September after he lost his wife Maryam Abubakar to cancer in January 2012. He is 54 while Zarah should be 36 this year. Big congrats to them.

Photo Of The Day!

Lmaooo! Dude ain't kidding at all!

Now,they say Kim ripped off Kate Middleton's Wedding Style(Photo)

You know there have been rumours that she wants so badly to be treated like royalty and even sent clothes to Kate Middleton which she politely rejected,now some fans are claiming she copied Kate's look even down to the flowers.
Days before the wedding,Uk mirror reported that Kim's aunt,Karen Houghton,  revealed she was going to rip off the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with her multi European city bash.She also said Kim loved the British royal wedding and is a huge fan of Kate Middleton ..
Kim is wearing Givenchy and Kate,Alexander McQueen.More pics after the cut..

Stylish Couple-Adaeze & Joseph Yobo turn up the heat in Matching Versace (Photos)

Adaeze & Joseph Yobo looked the ultimate sexy couple for a date night in matching footwear. Her to-die-for Versace heels is one of several her hubby gave her.Nicki Minaj wore those shoes in her "Looking Ass Video" and it doesn't cost less than 250k.More pics after the cut...

Floyd Mayweather acknowledges his fight with TI was over Wife,Tiny

Earlier in the day, the internet exploded with a video of TI and Floyd Mayweather fighting.Now, Floyd acknowledges the fight was over TI's wife Tiny.He says he never slept with her and apologised to her for calling her a bitch.He told NicoleBitchie..
"I been knowing Tiny before T.I. I’ve never slept with her, I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way. Her friend Shekinah wanted to come to the [May 4th] fight, she brought Tiny with her. They came to the fight.
After the fight was over Saturday night, Sunday they came over my mother’s house. My mother had a big, big party for me. They came over and showed love. They came over to my house all cool, all respect. Hang out with The Money Team, my crew. Everybody was cordial. No disrespecting type. After that, I guess she put a picture up on Instagram of her at the fight so I guess he [T.I.] was feeling some type of way.[T.I] came to me when I was in New York. He stepped to me when I was at the jewelery store like, “Yo, let’s go outside and talk.” We went outside to talk, but he talked about, basically, “These girls tryna play us against each other.” I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re talking about your wife?” I never put up a picture of her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I was basically like, “Listen. I’m letting you know I ain’t got…me and your wife don’t have nothing…if you think so.

TI & Floyd Mayweather fight over his wife,Tiny(Photos & Video)

Looks like fighting is the "In" thing now.TI and Floyd Mayweather fought in Vegas this Sunday and reports say the fight was over TI's wife Tiny.They say since TI and wife have been having issues, she has been hanging out with the boxing champion and flaunting the friendship which may not be romantic, on instagram.

So this weekend, she was hanging out with Floyd in Vegas ,also celebrating his daughter's birthday,when TI who was also in Vegas found out. According to several witnesses..
Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd. T.I. swung at Floyd ... their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them ... and then the all out melee began.At one point you hear Floyd telling at T.I., "“you control your bitch motherfucker” 
Video after the cut...

Toke Makinwa,Monalisa Chinda's outfits to Book Launch Yesterday

 Toke rocked this outfit to Chude Jideonowo's book Launch yesterday.Monalisa also went for a similar style in black.See the pic after the cut..

See how passer-by's react when a man attacks his girlfriend VS when she attacks him(Photos)

After Jay Z / Solange elevator attack, many were angry Solange wasn't arrested because ,her attack was vicious and was done to inflict bodily harm. Obviously,if the roles were reversed,Jay Z would be in jail just like Chris Brown.

So,an experiment was carried out by Mankind Initiative in support of #ViolenceisViolence campaign .Hidden cameras filmed a man pretending he was beating up his girlfriend .This was done to see the reaction of passers-by's. They intervened ,heavily criticising him..Majority were women who were so angry,threatening to call the police, others told her to leave him because she deserved better..

Then, the tables were turned and the lady was beating the man. No one intervened and passers-by just laughed,finding it funny a man was being attacked..Women didn't say a word.Note, the passer-by's didn't know they were being filmed.

That raises the question,why is it allowed for a woman to hit a man and go free when a man can't do same.
See the pics after the cut...

Checkout this stunning photo of Omotola & Munachi

Munachi shared the pic and says she loves Omotola to infinity and beyond.It's not often you see this much beauty in one photo!

Man kills 12-year old neice for ritual in Imo State

Thirty five-year old Boniface Ohakwe is now cooling his heels in police custody for allegedly killing his 12-year old niece, Miss Kelechi Ohakwe, for ritual intents.

According to Vanguard, late Kelechi was a student of Sir Enoch Anyanwu Memorial Convent, Umuariam, Obowo local council area of Imo State.
Confirming the ugly incident to newsmen when they besieged the Umuosochie, Obowo country home of the bereaved family, Kelechi’s father, Mr. Alex Ohakwe, said he lacked words to amply describe what the entire family was passing through.

“I am aware that Kelechi was very fond of his uncle and was ever ready to run errands for him before this incident. It is baffling that it was the same man my daughter loved and helped that ended up killing her for supposed ritual purposes”, the aggrieved man lamented.
Recalling what happened on the ill-fated day, Mr. Ohakwe said.Continue...

Have Clarion Chukwura & Ibinabo Fiberesima reconciled? See photo

Filmmaker Onyeka Nwelue shared this photo on his instagram page yesterday. Its a pic of movie director Teco Benson with Clarion Chukwura and AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima who has been under serious attack in recent times by Ms Chukwura. Onyeka says he took the pic yesterday. Does this mean all is well now?

Behind the scenes from Tunde and Wunmi Obe's new video

The wait is almost over as musical duo, Tunde and Wunmi Obe are set to release two new singles in June titled Green White Green and Wedding Day, after a 2-year break from the music industry.
“With the state of the nation, we just decided that it’s time to lend our voices as the oldest existing group to the gospel of peace, safety and oneness,” said Tunde Obe.
Both singles are to be released on the 1st of June 2014. Continue to see behind the scenes of the video..

North Korean leader executes engineers behind collapsed building that killed 500

According to two Chinese newspapers, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un ordered the execution by firing squad of 4 design and construction engineers who built the 23-storey building that collapsed in the capital of Pyongyang on May 13th 2014 leading to the death of about 500 people.

92 families lived in the building as at the time it collapsed and most of the people killed were top intelligence and security officials. Kim Jong Un gave a rare public apology to North Koreans after the collapse occurred and ordered an inquiry. The four engineers were reportedly executed last week.

The main cause of the building collapse remains unclear but shoddy construction is said to be a likely cause because onsite directors and workers often smuggle out steel and cement to sell in black market
Kim Jong-Un has been reported to execute anyone who falls short of his expectations, including members of his own family.

How to stop Boko Haram problem - Sat Guru Maharaj Ji

Spiritual head of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji says the best way to tackle the Boko Haram menace in the country is for us to go back to our traditions and culture. In an interview with City People this week, Maharaj Ji said the intervention of the international community was a welcomed idea and that it would make the fight against Boko Haram a lot easier because unlike Nigerians, the foreigners know that there is a Christ of this age, that is him (Maharaj Ji), walking on the planet and so carrying him along in the fight would bring a stop to acts of terrorism. Excepts from the interview;
Asked what his take is on the present state of insecurity in Nigeria, Maharaj Ji said;
"Very simple. Because there is no security challenge per say, except for the fact that the Northern oligarchy believes Nigeria belongs to them. They don't believe in anybody whether you are from the South-South, South-East or South-West. They feel that Nigeria is an Hausa country and it is not, we have three regions. We have major tribes. Yoruba in the South-West, Ibo in the South-East, then the South-South the Ijaws etc. The North must accept that Ibo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Itsekiri, Urhobo...we are all one Nigeria, that is what is worrying them. Then again, religion. They should know that God has no religion. The only religion of God is accepting you the way you are. If I don't accept you, how will the place be okay for us? Continue...

'There are plans to bring down my government' - President Jonathan

Speaking during the 2014 Democracy Day Interdenominational Church Service in Abuja yesterday Sunday May 25th, president Jonathan said there are evil people that are trying to bring down his government and they are the ones behind the violence in Nigeria, Punch reports.
"You can imagine if this government had not been facing these distractions within this period, definitely, we would have moved farther than this. All these distractions are planned to bring this government down and since they failed, terror will also fail.
“We have been witnessing terror attacks for two years plus, but the Chibok incident has added a major dent on the security of the country. There is nothing God cannot do. With your prayers, our girls will be seen by our security personnel. Terror will not stop this country from progressing. We know that these terrorists are human and they are evil men. Definitely, they are among those we categorise as evil forces.
Forces of evil will never prevail. Forces of darkness will never prevail. I call on all Nigerians, Christians and non-Christians who pray, to continue to pray and I believe that God is on our side. Forces of evil and darkness will never prevail.” the president said

Ini Edo goes into pastry business, calls it Ini Delicious Bread

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo took to her instagram page to announce the opening of her pastry outlet.

Killer,Elliot Rodger's six victims' names and faces revealed

On Friday May 23rd, Elliot Rodger the son of Hollywood movie director, Peter Rodger went on a crazed shooting spree for being rejected by girls and being a virgin at age 22.

All six of his victims have been named. They are (top row, from left to right) Katie Cooper, Chris Michael-Martinez, Veronica Weiss, (bottom row, from left to right) Weihan Wang, George Chen, and Cheng Yuan Hong, who shared same apartment with the killer. All were students at UCSB.

A friend of Rodger's two roommates, Wang and Yuan Hong, revealed that they had been planning to move out of the apartment at the end of the semester because they felt uncomfortable living with Elliot and found him 'so strange.'

All three were found with multiple stab wounds in Elliot's apartment in Isla Vista. After killing them, he took 3 handguns and went on a shooting spree, killing three more students before killing himself.Continue...

Clarion Chukwura slams Ibinabo in new interview + wins AMAA best actress

Clarion Chukwura, who won Best Actress in a leading role at the 2014 AMAA awards which held on Saturday May 24th, is still attacking AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima. In a new interview with Yes magazine, Clarion said her recent attacks on Ibinabo is not based on jealousy, because her brand is way bigger than Ibinabo's brand, but only trying to bring dignity back into the guild...
 "If Ibinabo recognized me as a senior colleague, she would have picked up her phone and called me at one point or the other, before or during her leadership. She had never done so. That is one. Two, I was privileged, with the manner she spoke during the issue of the murder case for which she was convicted, and I didn't see that attitude as someone you should dialogue with. Three at the Nollywood at 20 event, there was not that kind of rapport that okay, you are my senior colleague, at the helm of the leadership of the guild, if you have anything that can assist me in my position, you can please reach out to me. Ejike Asiegbu called on me and I assisted and played my role in every area he asked me to play my role. Zack Orji invited me at one point or the other to and we worked together" she said. Continue...

Photos: Clearer pics of Kim K's wedding dress

Here are clearer pictures of Kim's wedding dress. Left while she was walking down the aisle with Bruce and her mum carrying North West and the other as the couple exchanged their vows. I hope this marriage lasts.

Meanwhile continue to see photo-booth pics from the wedding reception and what the only A-lister who attended the wedding said to Kim...

Rob Kardashian skips Kimye's wedding after calling it 'superficial bullsh**'

Rob Kardashian left LA for Paris with his mum on Tuesday to attend big sister Kim K's wedding to Kanye West but something must have happened because Rob skipped the wedding. The reality star was spotted alone at LAX airport California yesterday Saturday May 24th, same day Kim and Kanye got married.

The 27-year-old reportedly described Kim and Kanye's extravagant wedding as 'superficial bulls***' and left after having a fight with Kim prior to the pre-wedding lunch at designer Valentino's chatea

A source told X17: 'Rob said he was sickened by Kim and Kanye's display of wealth and clothes and beauty and called it 'superficial bulls***' but Kim was pissed that Rob hadn't made an effort to drop any weight over the past few months. Rob basically thinks Kim cares about him only for his appearance and he said he'd 'make life easier' for her and just leave.'
Rob not only skipped the wedding, he skipped everything else, including the rehearsal dinner. When paparazzi at LAX asked him why he skipped the wedding, Rob didn't answer. Yesterday was the second time the only Kardashian son would be spotted in public since January 2014 after he decided to stay out of public eye following his massive weight gain.

Fight against terrorism: Military has received N130b from Jan - April - Okonjo-Iweala

While presenting the 2014 budget signed last week by Pres. Jonathan to newsmen, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Finance Minister revealed that the Nigerian military has received N130.7billion from the Federal Government from January to April 2014 and that another N3.8b has been approved by the president but was still being processed and will soon be released to the military.
She revealed this to deny claims by the Nigerian military and other security agencies that poor funding was undermining ongoing war against terrorism. Defending the huge amount being spent in the military, Dr Okonjo-Iweala said;
"Defence spending is top in everything. You know that military establishments need new things to assist them in their work, and ours will not be different. No budget will be enough to meet their demands but for now, I think the sector takes almost a trillion of the budget.”
"The defence budget in 2014 is about N968.127 billion and we have disbursed N130.7 billion between January and April 2014, N85.9billion out of what has been disbursed is for personnel cost.

Son of Hunger Games asst. director, kills 7 in shooting spree after chilling video rant

On Friday May 23rd, the privileged 22 year old son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger, Elliot Rodger took his own life after killing 6 people and leaving 13 others wounded in Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

The Santa Barbara City College student, who was angry at the world for still being a virgin at 22, posted a chilling video hours before he went on rampage warning of ‘retribution’ because girls rejected him.

The killer, who had Asperger’s syndrome and was in the care of several therapists, started by stabbing three of his roommates to death around 9.30pm on Friday then armed himself with three handguns and drove to nearby Alpha Phi sorority. According to law enforcement agent, Elliot knocked on the door but no one would let him in and that was when he spotted two women standing outside the sorority and fired shots at them killing two of them, Katie Cooper, 22, and Veronika Weiss, 19.

After the shooting, Elliot Rodger returned to his black BMW and drove to IV Deli Mart in Golita where he shot dead 20-year-old UCSB sophomore Christopher Martinez, an unsuspecting bystander. Continue…

Angry fan slams Jay Z & Beyonce for not attending Kanye's wedding

The fan posted the rant on instagram and it's been trending...a lot people are in support of what she wrote. Kanye was family, they should have been there and if they were wary of the cameras, they should have insisted on not being filmed. And it wasn't like they were busy on tour, they went to the Hamptons and Beyonce even posted photos online. And it wasn't even just Jay Z and Beyonce, many music heavy weights didn't attend the wedding.

Beyonce congratulates Kim and Kanye on their wedding

She didn't attend their wedding but Beyonce took time out of her busy schedule to share a pic of Kim, Kanye and their daughter on  herinstagram page and wish them all the best as they begin life together as man and wife.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beyonce & Jay Z Bail on Kim & Kanye West's Wedding, Beyonce Shares Photo on Instagram

Multiple sources have confirmed, to Us Weekly, that Beyonce and husband Jay Z bailed on their  buddies Kim and Kanye West's wedding today in Florence, Italy.

There had been news that Jay Z was going to be Kanye's bestman but Bey and Jay, instead, decided
to head to the Hamptons from where she shared a makeup-free Instagram selfie of herself lying in bed, showing off her new long braids. Reports say maybe Beyoncé and JayZ were trying to avoid meeting fashion designer Rachel Roy who allegedly was the main reason why Solange Knowles got into her now infamous brawl with Beyonce‘s hubby, Jay Z on May 5. Many were wondering if Kim would disinvite Rachel after the altercation but Rachel was spotted with Kim at her Bachelorette party in Paris on May 22.Continue...


Enjoy! More after the cut...

'Everyone Was Crying!' Lana Del Rey's Pre-Wedding Performance For Kim K And Kanye [Photos]

After trying to get the 'Young and Beautiful' singer Lana Del Rey unsuccessfully for months to perform the soaring ballad, which is one of Kim Kardashian's song for him and his wife-to-be. 
Seems their wish finally came true as the US singer was spotted rehearsing in the hallways of the Palace of Versailles in France on Friday, before performing a tear-jerking show for the couple and their family ahead of the big wedding today.
More photos after the cut...

Abandoned Car Causes Bomb Scare In Abuja, People Run Helter Skelter for Safety

Abandoned Volkswagen Golf car that caused panic
The serene atmosphere of Kubwa, a satellite town in Abuja, was today punctured as a bomb scare made traders scamper for safety.  The incident, which occurred at about 1.00pm at the popular El- Rufai Bus Stop, near a crowded village market, also forced parents to rush to fetch their wards from schools, in turn leading both private and public school to close abruptly.

SaharaReporters gathered that a Volkswagen Gulf car had been sighted parked near the bus stop for a very long period of time with gas cylinders in it, without anybody claiming ownership of the vehicle
leading to public suspicion. A resident who pleaded anonymity told journalists that people soon started running helter-skelter in the belief the car contained a bomb that might go off at any time.

He said the tension was aggravated when some policemen who came to check the car left without any word on its status, and soon, all roads to the scene were closed as panic set in.Continue...

Five-year-old boy Abducted in Lagos gets Sold for N350,000 in Enugu (Photo)

Confidence, Joseph, Egbe. Inset: Joseph at the house of his kidnapper
Mr. Egbe Donatus and wife, Confidence, woke up with their two children, Joseph and Godwin, on Sunday, March 15, 2014, hail and hearty without an inkling that the hand of a child-snatcher lurked in the shadows. By nightfall, one of their children was gone and a search party would turn up nothing for two good months. Their second child, five-year-old Joseph, had simply vanished without a trace.

Punch reports that Donatus, a commercial motorcyclist, was away at work that Sunday, when he received a call to come back home. The missing boy’s mother, a petty trader, explained that few minutes before he was kidnapped, she came back from church with her two children – Joseph and his elder brother, Godwin.Continue..

Photos: Italian Police Get New N50.4m Lamborghini Huracan to Help Fight Crime

Just check out the rides available to the Italian police, guys! They are already known for their fashionable uniforms, they just added a $315,000 - N50.4m Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4  to their fleet.
Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann handed over the keys of the Huracán LP 610-4 to the Italian Polizia on Thursday, who said: “This car will offer more security to those driving in our highways,
and to those who need to be rescued in special circumstances. It’s a car that will make our country more safe.” And the awesome ride comes complete with:
  • a refrigerator to transport organs,
  • a defibrillator in the trunk,
  • a radar that can send speed and license plate information in real time,
  • a police radio
  • a LED light bar,
  • four sirens,
  • and 5.2-liter, V10 engine which helps the car hit 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds. You can't even try to outspeed this police car!More pics...

2face Idibia Rocks a Million Naira Worth Gold Encrusted Versace Sneaker (Photos)

His style has always been simple and humble despite his multi million naira worth. And recently, during a video shoot for singers Tunde and Wunmi Obe, Tuface was spotted rocking this gold encrusted Versace sneakers reportedly worth N1 million Naira. More pics after the cut...

Nollywood Celebrities Arrive Bayelsa for the AMAAwards Tonight (Photos)

The 2014 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) holds tonight in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, and Nollywood movie stars are already in town for the event.Continue...

Oyo State Gov's Daughter, Abisola Kola Daisi, Pictured in Paris for Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Incumbent Oyo State Governor's daughter, Abisola Kola Daisi, nee Abiola-Ajimobi, is also in Paris for Kim Kardashian's wedding. And pictured above are Abisola with Khloe Kardashian's bestie, Malika, Kim Kardashian's bestie, Lala Anthony just before Kim Kardashian's wedding rehearsal last night.
Abisola runs a luxury shoe and handbag boutique located in VI, Lagos. Continue to see more photos..

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West are MARRIED - Their 10 year Love Story in Pictures

It's official! E! News confirmed that the couple were married today in a private ceremony in the presence of family and friends in Florence, Italy. Her sisters were part of her bridal train and stepdad Bruce Jenner walking her down the aisle.

This is Kim's 3rd and Kanye's Ist marriage.They reportedly rejected a $15million offer to air their wedding live on E! .They are both worth $140m with Kanye worth $100million.We hope they share pics though....

 Kim and Kanye's love journey has not exactly been a fairy tale as they have known each other for 10 years,have dated other people before finally finding love in each other in April 2007.Kanye fell in love with Kim when he first saw her pose for a picture with Paris Hilton and they were allegedly having an affair while he dated Amber Rose and she Reggie Bush.
 Enjoy their amazing love journey via photos after the cut...

Jeans Wear Are Not Meant To Be Washed - Levi Strauss CEO

Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh
Chip Bergh
On Tuesday, the CEO of American denim pioneer Levi Strauss publicly admitted that the jeans he was wearing while speaking at Fortune’s ‘Brainstorm Green’ conference hadn’t been washed since he purchased them over a year ago. And people are so freaking out.

 Chip Bergh had told the audience:
“These are one of my favorite jeans—[they] are maybe a year old, and they are yet to see a washing machine. I know that sounds totally disgusting… but believe me, it can be
done! You can spot clean it, you can air dry it, and it's fine. I am yet to get a skin disease or anything else. It works."
When moderator, Andy Sewer, who obviously seemed a bit taken aback, asked Bergh the age-old question: how often should one be washing their jeans then? Continue...

Adaeze Yobo says she isn't worried about her husband's cheating allegations

After the instagram attack by a lady claiming to be Joseph Yobo's mistress,Adaeze went on a movie date night with her husband and posted the photo.Some felt she is trying too hard to prove her marriage is intact and the allegations don't bother her.So this is her reply to those people...
"hello lovers, i just want to state that whatever i post on my page or posted after the unfortunate incident has nothing to do with it, and it will not also prevent me from posting whateva the fuck (i had to swear. Sorry), i desire to post at any point i desire to post it. You also have the right to attach a meaning to any pic i post but i wld appreciate it if you kept it to yourself. I had fun with it at the time. Ive moved on... I aint worried about nothing, not today not ever. lets keep my page as innocent as it was�� remain blessed!".Continue...

Kim & Kanye's Wedding-Bruce Jenner bored & having a terrible time

Kim may be having her big day today but 64 year old step-dad Bruce Jenner is reportedly feeling so bored and left out. He says he feels like a prop' in Kimye's entourage.His demeanour shows as he hardly joins in for most of their pre-wedding activities,often choosing to take a stroll instead.Radaronline says...
"Bruce is having a terrible time, and he is bored out of his mind. Once again he feels like a prop in the festivities. Kris has been barking orders at everyone since they arrived in Paris for Kim’s wedding. He just wishes he could have stayed at home and played with helicopters.Kris is only wearing her wedding ring in hopes the media will speculate that she is getting back together with Bruce. There are no plans for the couple to reconcile and Kris is only doing this to get attention."Continue...