Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"Women should forget the protest and beg Boko Haram"-Dencia on abducted Chibok schoolgirls

The first lady of Bornu state said there is going to be a one-million-women march in Abuja tagged "Free our girls" on Wednesday. Dencia is of the opinion that the mothers should use their power to plead with Boko Haram because protests won't amount to headway...
"I don't have a child but I'll do this 4 my Dog what more of my child?Most women & mothers don't know the power the have.You know,there's always one good person amongst the bad guys who might be watching,touched by his mother's love & release the girls.I don't know what they have done or haven't done but I believe u start doing the work and expect help smh so far the government haven't done much & have lied about rescuing the girls before so don't expect much.after all there's no politician's child involved don't expect them to worry about it.I hear they want to hold a protest smh I have seen all types of protest in Naija that never led to anything so can this women save the energy & time and figure out a plan or start recording some sad crying videos begging Boko haram because idk it's just killing me."
 Who agrees with her?Continue..

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  1. Thank God she said she doesnt have any child, thats only what i want to hear....


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