Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ogun State APC Chieftain who Beat up Wife Did So Because She Refused to Attend a Party With Him

More details about the Ogun State APC Chieftain who allegedly battered his wife and the shocking photos of the assault released to the media is out and according to SaharaReporters, the culprit, Bayo Awosanya, a prominent member of the All Progressives Coalition in Ogun State, has gone underground after the incident.

Bayo's victim who asked to be identified simply as Victoria told SaharaReporters that Mr. Awosanya beat her over her failure to join him at a social party over the weekend. She has a child with him, a two-year old baby named Jomiloju, but is not his wife yet.Continue..
 The victim, who showed serious head wounds, explained that she had fallen asleep after receiving Mr. Awosanya’s telephone call that fateful day asking her to meet him at a “house warming” party. She had woken up only after the party would have been over.

When Bayo returned from the event and found her still at home, he got uncontrollably furious. As the mistress attempted to explain her absence, Mr. Awosanya dealt her several blows to the face and head. He reportedly pummeled her with punches before bashing her head into a glass-window steel grille, telling her it was time for her to die. In an interview with SaharaReporters on Friday, the victim, Ms. Victoria, said she had tried to escape the assault, but Mr. Awosanya grabbed her hair weave-on and violently pulled it out.

She added that the APC official was fond of physically maltreating her. Ms. Victoria stated that she could no longer remember the number of times Mr. Awosanya battered her. She told a correspondent of the website that the last beating was too gruesome because she feared he was about to kill her. She vowed to end her relationship with the politician.
 She said Mr. Awosanya had given her a vicious beating in 2008, two days before their “introduction ceremony,” a prelude to traditional marriage. She explained that she had often postponed their marriage plans due to fear of the politician’s horrible temper and his possible involvement in “fetish” and a dangerous lifestyle.
 Mr. Awosanya was in line to become an executive member of the APC after a party congress that held yesterday.
 Ms. Victoria accused the APC politician of practicing different kinds of religions out of desperation. She added that he engages in all manner of rituals in a desperate bid to advance his political goals and financial interests.
 She disclosed that Mr. Awosanya had once forced her to swear to a “fetish” oath in which she had to pledge never to sleep with another man except after his death.
 Officials of the Ogun State police command claimed that they could not find Mr. Awosanya to arrest him, but a police source told SaharaReporters that they knew the politician was in town. The source added that the alleged batterer was expected to be present at his party’s state congress where he was going to be inaugurated as the APC’s financial accountant. 

“We know where Chief [Awosanya] is, but our commander doesn’t want to be involved in this palaver,” SaharaReporters' police source said.

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  1. God, this man is a fucking animal and 30yrs sentence shouldnt pass him by...


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