Friday, 16 May 2014

Woman Buried Alive by her Landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car(Photos)

 In shocking crime described by authorities as Heinous, depraved, vile, horrible and inhuman,a New Jersey woman was buried alive in a shallow grave by her landscaper after he offered to drive her to buy a new car.
Fatima Perez was reported missing on Monday evening, the same day she left her Camden home to buy the car.
 The Courier-Post reports that,the body of the 41-year-old woman was found Wednesday in Monroe Township, about 20 miles away.Her mouth and eyes were covered with duct tape before she was buried. An autopsy determined she died of asphyxiation.

 Alicea-Antonetti, the owner of Villa Coamo Landscaping and General Maintenance, picked up Perez on Monday in his van to drive her to buy the car.She had about $8,000 on her for the purchase.

She accepted a lift from Alicea-Antonetti, who was known to her family and had done landscaping work at her home.Continue...

Ramon Ortiz, left, 57, of Pennsauken, and Carlos Alicea-Antonetti, 36
Speaking to investigators later, he claimed she fell out of his van during an argument then got back in regardless of the injury.
He admitted to then picking up Ortiz, and said the two men later bound Perez and taped her ears and mouth shut.

Oritz's statement differed, claiming that Perez was already tied up when he entered the van. He also claimed she begged him for help while they headed to the rural area where she'd be buried.He further said that Alicea-Antonetti directed him to take a shovel and dig the gave off of Clayton Road,and stated that Ms. Perez was placed in the grave, covered with lime and buried.Both men agreed she was alive when they buried her.

They covered the grave with branches and debris to try and hide it, then left.
They were arrested Wednesday when police received a tip they were hiding in an Express Inn. Alicea-Antonetti had $7,000 on him when he was arrested.
As Camden County Assistant Prosecutor Christine Shah described the horrific crime, Perez's family wept openly in court. Each man faces life imprisonment without parole!

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