Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Man 'locked ex-wife in the cellar after she walked out on him(Photos)

A Chinese man has been arrested after allegedly locking his ex-wife in the cellar because she walked out on him. According to Mail online, Lin Dajun, 40, reportedly built a secret lair beneath his home in Deyang in China's Sichuan region after his first and second wives left him.He then lured his first wife, Lin Yan, to the house for a 'chat' - before chaining her up in the cellar.

During her time in captivity, the 35-year-old was threatened with death if she attempted to leave the house, according to police.She was allegedly allowed to walk around the property if Lin was home - but every time he went out, he chained her back up in the cellar.Continue...
 A police spokesman said today:

               'He was fixated on her, and could not accept that she had left him. So he decided that he would     imprison her.Once thrown into the cellar, he threatened his ex that if she didn't listen to him and tried to escape, he would kill her.The woman was scared into submission and didn't dare escape. When Lin was home, she could walk around the house, but the minute he went out, she was chained up in the cellar.''Police went to Lin's house with a query about demographics and became concerned about his shifty attitude.They noticed Lin was quite nervous and heard some noise from the cellar. They found the basement and were stunned to see a woman in chains. They then freed the woman from her underground prison.He was a man who was not very good at keeping his wives.'
               The police spokesman said the victim's new husband had contacted the emergency services after realising his wife had gone missing.However, officers had failed to find any trace of the woman - and she had been located only during the census.

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