Saturday, 1 February 2014

So Weird: New Law In UAE Forces Nursing Mothers To Breastfeed Till Their Baby Is 2 Years Old Or The Husband Will Sue!

According to a new law in the United Arab Emirates, all nursing mothers must now breastfeed their children for at least two years after giving birth, or risk being sued by their husbands!
And this is all because their Federal National Council believe it is the right of all children to be breastfed up to the age of two, cos it is a duty and not an option for any woman. But in a situation where a mother is unable to breastfeed for biological reasons, the state would support her by providing a wet nurse (ie a woman who breast feeds and cares for another woman's child).

Ever since the law became effective, several groups supporting new parents have reacted strongly to it cos they are concerned that enacting such a law would leave mothers facing potential serious punishment.

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