Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kemi Olunloyo Is Out For The Bloggers, You Won't Believe What She Wants

Controversial activist, Kemi Omolulo-Olunloyo and daughter of a former Oyo state governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo is back again and this time she is out for the bloggers.
She posted the message below on her facebook page:

I have taken 14 blogs down overnight! My interns in Toronto, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore and London scanned 526 blogs so far on Google. Google notified you that a DCMA filing action has been taken on your blog. I'm not dragging you to court. You have 14 days to REMOVE all my pictures in your story. Every photographer mentioned in the filing is also watching.Continue after the cut..

STOP STEALING other people's intellectual property. RESPECT copyright. After 16 mos in 37 years back in this country, It is time you all stop STEALING from celebrities, public figures, music and film business people. Your Google adsense money has also been DISABLED so you cannot collect a penny for hits on your blog. Some of you still have your blogs up but all stories with me have been blackened out. REMOVE the pics, file the papers and tell Google because your adsense is blocked right now. I'm taking blogs down or DCMA properties, you have to write me for copyright permission and if you don't they have to go to court to get your blogs back up. A US court.

Nigeria does not handle copyright, DCMA and intellectual property claims YET. I'm teaching a big lesson in copyright violations where every blogger thinks they can be an instant Journalist. You are NOT! Go to mainstream websites and see how they BUY pictures from Getty images, AP, AFP and credit them. Learn how the system works. We are not in America does not work anymore. The easiest way is to get rid of any of my pictures off your blog. NOT just crediting them. Taking them DOWN period. If your blog has a Facebook page, you used my picture as an attachment to the story, you may be disabled for 30 days on Facebook. This particularly applies to those of you blogging not on Google but using other templates


Go to MY BLOG and see the details of how to take action so as not to lose your blog earnings especially those of you with ADVERTISERS. You will lose their BUSINESS! This is just me, other celebrities may come after you. Google will tell you to review your entire blog images.

When we begin to respect copyright in Nigeria, we will have a modern industry in all facets of media, music and film.

Write now to clear copyright. All my photos are $50, Getty/AFP are $150 each for bloggers.


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