Saturday, 15 February 2014

" Fuck you d**ks.'I am Yeezus"Kanye curses out two DJ's for 4minutes because they called him "egotistical"

After vowing not to be insultive for atleast 6 months, Kanye bowed to pressure during his Yeezus concert in Pennsylvania on Thursday he stopped rapping so he could rant about two DJs - Charlamagne of The Breakfast Club and Sway of Sway In The Morning - that had called him 'egotistical' during their shows.

He said while pacing and screaming at the top of his voice..

You tryin' to make a joke out of what we do?'What the fuck do you do?...  What have you done with your motherfukin' life?'Stop that shit - this is what the fuck I'm talking about. Ten years of this shit. if I go to your radio interview then shut the fuckup..We in the studio every night. We get up at 5 am, we write nice shit, working hard on that shit, this ain't no joke,
'We think about nobody, we think about Shakespeare, we think about Beethoven, what can we make for y'all, what u playin' in y'all way to school on y'all way to work. What can we make to y'all feel better?You tryin' to make a joke out of what we do?. 'What the fuck do u do? 
They gonna say I'm screaming - let, me say it in a nice tone so you don't think I'm upset.'
Anybody who... what have you done with ur motherfuckin life, Charlamagne, Sway? Fuck you d**ks.'I am Yeezus.'That was the intermission now I will continue with the show.'

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