Monday, 17 February 2014

Britney Spears Forbidden From Touching The Internet, Alcohol And Credit Cards

Britney Spears is monitored 24/7 by bodyguards from making use of the internet or her credit cards, every money she makes even in staging a two-year residency in Las Vegas, must be accounted for. If you can recall, she had lost the custody of her two sons with ex-hubby Kelvin Federline and other things because of her lifestyle, now it is her papa, Jamie Spears and others who make decision for her and she is not even allowed to drink alcohol.Continue..

 The bodyguards who are with Britney 24/7 report to her dad and tell them everything she says and does. She has no credit cards and has to check every purchase with her dad, who gives her a monthly allowance. She’s not allowed near booze and her dad has hired a nutritionist to plan her diet… Jamie even has an assistant lay her toothbrush out for her, already loaded with toothpaste, because she often forgets to brush her teeth.

Britney who is dating Dave Lucado have had series of affairs that went sour which means that this affair with Lucado is also being monitored. She’s still completely controlled down to the last second. Her dad and team have all of her calls and texts monitored.
In the age of technology, she is not allowed to type, so she has an assistant who vets her messages and types back what she dictates. Until recently she wasn’t even allowed her own phone. Now, she’s allowed restricted calls to her boyfriend but she still isn’t allowed on the internet without supervision…OMG!!!

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