Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Footage of a Toddler Aged Between 2 & 3 Smoking a Cigarette Like a Pro while Onlookers Laugh Sparks Outrage

Footage of a toddler smoking a cigarette, just like an adult, on the streets of China has sparked outrage online. The video, obtained by video sharing site Live Leak, shows a child who is believed to be aged between two and three smoking the cigarette as adult onlookers can be heard laughing.

All the people beside him, some passing on bikes clearly found the boy’s smoking so amusing that none of them attempted to take the cigarette off him. At one point a woman – perhaps the boy’s mother – chastised the boy but did not confiscate the cigarette which confirms that someone at home was definitely teaching the little boy how to smoke and his family found it okay.

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