Saturday, 7 June 2014

Britain's Most Spoilt Child Gets N300k as Monthly Allowance, Owns a Wardrobe Full of Gucci Handbags, Designer Clothes (Photos)

Ponies, iPads and enough handbags to make Victoria Beckham blush: these are some of the many gifts bestowed on 12-year-old Chase McKenna and her siblings Mackenzie, 7, and Rhys, 14, who are given everything they could possibly dream of by their NOT well to do doting parents, Kelly and Alan!

Talking on a new documentary about her lavish wardrobe, which is full of her favourite clothes and bags most of which are by Ralph Lauren and Gucci, Chase says with a shrug:
'When I ask for stuff eight out of 10 times I get it. I like labels: Ralph, Juicy, Gucci. I
don't do Primark!'.Hehe..Continue..

Chase's parents can’t afford to buy a house, stock their fridge or go on holiday. Her dad, Alan, 33, who has a building business, admits his finances are out of control, they are owing a lot of people. But because they believe “If you can’t put a smile on your kids' faces, what’s the point of having money?”, they do everything their daughter asks.

Chase's mum Kelly admits that despite Chase's extravagant taste, she's exactly what she hoped she'd be and says she has dressed her in designer gear since birth. Kelly doesn't work, so it's just her husband making all the money.
'I had my kids young and I felt like if I dressed them in designer gear then people would think I was doing an alright job. My mum always said: "You're not here forever so spend it while you can" and I think she's right. 
We don’t have any savings and live from day to day. If we’ve got it we spend it. But we don’t care. We can have loads of bills but I still go to bed and sleep at night. We don’t have a regular income. Al might make £3 or £3,000. We struggle but we always manage. We were in rent arrears once, so we went out and bought Chase her horse. Stupid! But that’s us.” 

Unsurprisingly, Chase's demands have grown increasingly lavish - and that's before you get to her impressively large allowance. Smirks the 12-year-old:
'I've already had £150 (N38,000) this week and it’s only Tuesday. If I ask Dad for something and don't get a yes straight away I give him "The Face". I say: "Oh, Daddy, pleeease?" And he goes: "OK, how much do you want?" and I go: "Can I have £300 (N75,000)?" Each time I go higher.'
But of all the presents Chase has been given, the most expensive was her pony - which even her mother said gave her pause for thought. It costs £2,000 (N500,000) a year to take care of.


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