Thursday, 1 May 2014

Self Obsessed? How Kim Kardashian Kept Looking at her face on monitor during Live TV Interview

Australian television personality Dr Chris Brown  revealed on Kiis 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O show this morning,how television producers were forced to rearrange camera monitors during a live interview with Kim Kardashian..
He was talking about how he couldn't be with a girl who took too many selfies when a listener called in to ask why reality stars like Kardashian get so much attention.
He said,
‘Let me tell you about Kim Kardashian. She’s a very, very special human being and I know this because we actually interviewed her on The Project.We were about one or two questions in and all of a sudden I can see there’s a commotion amongst the floor managers. They are sort of running around and moving things around and I thought "I wonder what’s going on there.They said "I can’t believe you didn’t notice but for the first half of the interview her eye line was down and to the right.I saw that and I just thought she was nervous, but they said "No, we had to move the monitors and turn them around because all she was doing was looking at herself the entire interview".’
Lmaoo! I just can't...

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