Monday, 5 May 2014

24-year old kills her baby 30 mins after giving birth to save her sex life

A young mother killed her baby by slitting his throat only 30 minutes after giving birth because she didn't want him to interfere with  her sex life.20 year old Nadine Koenig,from Regensburg Germany, smothered her newborn son before killing him with a Stanley knife. Then she went out to a disco party.After which she dumped her son’s body near the Danube.
Prosecutor Ulrike Klein said the child "
You couldn’t bear the thought of your far-reaching sexual and social contacts being jeopardised by this baby"
Koenig, who had concealed her pregnancy from her parents, gave birth at their home in February last year.
 After Koenig’s arrest and being charged for murder, her mother Kerstin,committed suicide. #sad

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