Monday, 21 April 2014

Meet the man who had 149 surgery procedures to transform into Real Life Ken Doll

Justin Jedlica, aka real life Ken(male version of a barbie) has had 149 surgeries and spent $170k to look like a doll.He said his inspiration was Micheal Jackson & Joan Rivers..Justin who is gay says his husband has no qualms with his look..According to Daily Beast, he said...
 I’ve spent $170,000 on 149 cosmetic procedures—which is different than surgeries. I’ve probably had 19 actual full-on surgeries; even in those 19 surgeries I’ve had some combos where there have been several areas worked on.My view of myself is very realistic. I think I’m blessed to have the body I have, and [plastic surgery] has just become something that’s fun and cool.
My husband he doesn’t have any qualms with it. It was something we talked about even before we got married, because I was like, ‘We’re not going to get married if you’re going to give me shit about my surgeries!’ He was like, ‘Oh, I know that’s part of you, it’s totally fine.’

 He also says real life barbie Valeria Lukyanova , is fake and just using makeup.See more pics after the cut..

She’s interesting. I hate that people compare us, because she’s putting on the illusion of a mannequin. It is a little bit weird that she’s trying to be stoic, emotionless. She’s puts her hand in the position of mitts and walks around in these tiny baby steps and blinks her eyes. She has these doll-like contacts in and extensions in her hair.She’s a very pretty little girl. She knows how to do her makeup like stage makeup and give herself different features. The same techniques are used in theater all the time and with drag queens. I’m not saying she’s a drag queen, but it’s something completely different from me.

How she became famous is all a complete lie and no one seems to realize it. And not that it matters, but everybody keeps putting her back in the headlines. Basically, when she became famous—she told me when we talked on Facebook—she was a composer. I don’t know if that means she wrote music or was a DJ, because there was a bit of a language barrier, obviously. But she wanted to get more bookings, so she and her friends decided she would dress up like a doll and pass around this little white lie that she spent £600,000 on surgery to look like Barbie.

But what happened was, it got bigger than what she wanted, and then the media came to her and said, ‘I can’t believe you did this.’ And she neither confirmed nor denied it. So everyone made the assumption that she had the surgery—she didn’t lie. She just didn’t say anything.

That’s kind of shady—because she got all of this publicity by riding on the coattails of this plastic surgery story. A little girl dressing like a doll is not worthy of two years of media exposure. If all it takes for you to be a plastic surgery celebrity is tracks in your hair, colored contacts, and breast implants, then three-quarters of the women in L.A. should be famous.Like what is the big freaking deal? And now I feel like she’s kind of hanging onto straws with these retarded articles about her living on air and light.

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  1. Nonsense, money neatly wasted, i pity him condition shah.....


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